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Veronica's Marshmallows | The Veronica Mars Podcast

Veronica's Marshmallows is a weekly podcast which investigates the cases, mysteries, and relationship dynamics on the show Veronica Mars. Whether it's your first time watching the show or your one hundredth, we hope you'll enjoy following along with us as we dive deeper into the characters and stories of this modern day noir. And rest assured first time viewers, we will not spoil any future episodes. 

Mar 3, 2020

In this week's episode, we're investigating the alterna-prom, Woody is really living up to his name when he awakes to himself next to a passed out naked woman in the midst of his election, a little break in Long Con so we can adore Logan and Veronica's "epic" moment.

As we approach the season two finale, we want to let you take part. Give us a call and leave a message with your thoughts on season two and the ending - or text us - and we will add it to the final episode of season two! 312-798-9243